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Virtual Server

VPS Packages

Available operating systems:

  • Debian-based Linux distributions (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu)
  • Minix
  • CentOS Linux
  • Mandrake Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • OpenBSD
  • Open Solaris
  • Other operating systems can be considered, including those where license fees may be applicable
We offer a wide range of Virtual Private Server packages, as summarised below:

Starter Standard Professional
Price (per month) USD30 USD45 USD80
Disk Space 25 GB 50 GB 150 GB
Transfer Limit 200 GB 400 GB 600 GB
RAM 256 MB 512 MB 1024 MB
Guaranteed CPU 1 Ghz 1.3 Ghz 2.3 Ghz
Unique IP Addresses 1 2 4
100Mbit Bandwidth Yes Yes Yes
Linux Support Yes Yes Yes
Windows Support No No No
No Setup Fee Yes Yes Yes
Full Root Access Yes Yes Yes
Remote Reboot Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
Free Re-imaging Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a way of having your own machine at a price that is comfortably low. A VPS is effectively a partition of a much larger, more expensive machine. Our VPS are based on award-winning KVM Virtualisation technology and are hosted on Quad-core servers located in our flagship datacentre.

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The difference with a VPS is that having root (administrator) access to your machine means you can install the applications you want, customised exactly the way you want them and even add accounts to let colleagues or your own customers benefit from the service you receive. Ideal for everything from running your own, advanced website to everyday use by small or medium sized businesses.

Alternatively if you want your own machine, with none of the hassle of being a System Administrator contact us for a managed service quote.